Changes in food consumption and the demand for greater reliability in the Food Industry, related to all the materials with which food comes into contact as well as to the product itself, have made food security a complex and articulated aspect for all the players of the “farm-to-table” supply chain.

As stated by the WHO, food can be contaminated with chemical substances and thus pose a health risk due to transfer from materials that it comes into contact with in the production process.

Our gaskets are also part of the MOCA – materials and articles intended to come into contact with food – are an integral part of the supply chain and must therefore be accompanied by a MOCA Declaration that attests compliance with the regulations in force.
The suitability checks on our gaskets, carried out by a third-party body, have enabled us to demonstrate to the market the correct compliance of our gaskets with the law requirements, the application of good manufacturing practices and compliance with the safety criteria of our products to safeguard human health.

How does MOCA certification work?

Certifying and keeping its products compliant is a great investment that Uniseals has decided to make, in economic terms, in terms of resources and time.

Being MOCA certified means continually updating, attending special courses and being subjected to meticulous checks by the ATS. This gives us great motivation to always do our best.

Items intended for food contact must comply with applicable European and national regulations:

  • Reg. EC 1935-2004 concerning materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products;
  • Reg EC 2023-2006 on good manufacturing practices for materials and objects intended to come into contact with food products;
  • EU Regulation 10-2011 applies to materials and articles placed on the EU market made exclusively of plastic.

MOCA certified Uniseals items are produced from raw materials permitted by law and are analyzed in accordance with the specific rules / laws applicable following the production process to which they are subjected.

The goods entering and / or circulating in the company (raw material, semi-finished, finished product) are put into the warehouse only after performing all the specific checks of the case in order to establish the conformity or otherwise of the accepted goods.

All MOCA certified Uniseals items placed on the market can be identified by a batch number, reported in the exit DDT and on the label that allows traceability. The organization annually, during the internal audit, performs and records a traceability exercise.