Quality Policy

La UNISEALS, in full respect of the company tradition and of the trust obtained so far, is based on a precise quality policy, detailed below.

The Company's obligations consist in giving customers a product that complies with what is expressed in the contractual terms, in order to obtain the best results in terms of reliability and implementation times, in line with professional ethics and with the indications of specific regulatory bodies.

The main objectives are expressed in punctual compliance with delivery and assistance times and in general with the provisions of contractual agreements, in particular:

  1. Meet customer requirements, in compliance with current regulations.
  2. Maintain the certification of the S.G.Q. and identify ideas for improvement for the organization with compliance with the new legislation UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
  3. Monitor the detected non-conformities and, in the next review, agree to decrease them for the following year (at least those notified to us by customers).
  4. Monitor the application of the S.G.Q. and highlight the need for staff training needs by drawing up a suitable "Training Plan".
  5. Keep up to date in terms of equipment and work technology.
  6. Analyze the risks and take appropriate actions to keep them under control.

The specific objectives are indicated in the annual Management review report.

In order to obtain these results, the Company has adopted the policy of operating according to an internal Quality System, compliant with the standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Company undertakes to make available the means and resources necessary for education, to maintain this Quality System.

The Management and all the staff di UNISEALS undertake to implement with awareness what is contained in the Manual and in the procedures referred to therein, for the continuous improvement of the ways of operating.

The Management undertakes to support every decision made by the Quality Manager in the context of Quality problems and formally ensures that adequate initiatives have been taken (dissemination, awareness, involvement and participation in training or updating courses) so that the System of Quality management set up is understood, implemented and maintained by all staff.

The Management also undertakes, with the collaboration of all the corporate functions, to formulate, within the Review Meeting, specific objectives so that the Company pursues the continuous improvement necessary for the purpose of increasing customer satisfaction and to consider adjustments to the Quality Management System (Manual, Procedures, Modules) required following visits by the Certification Body and / or internal audits.



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