Passion, people and creativity are our strength. We manufacture turned sealing gaskets, bringing you tailor-made and customised solutions to boost the performance of your products. Ours are top-notch tailor-cut solutions designed and created masterfully, precisely and with great care for detail in a wide range of profiles and materials. Hence, our gaskets provide valid support for various fields of application: including the oil-hydraulic, pneumatic, food processing, pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries.

The versatility and flexibility of our product puts us in a position to:

  • Interchange standard gaskets to improve sealing and increase durability;
  • Easily handle special applications due to gasket size, designed to increase performance to meet your needs;
  • Adapt the gasket to the speed, pressure, temperature, specifications of the fluid and product used;
  • Minimise delivery time, avoid minimum quantities that can be ordered, build and prototype a mould;

All this thanks to our ever-ready technical department and sales department as well as the constant update and training of our staff. This has been the driving force behind our growth turning us into a benchmark for both the specialist retailer and the high-tech industry.
Furthermore, if it is true that union is strength… we are also members of the Rubix Group, a network of multi-professional and synergistic companies capable of meeting any need related to the oil-hydraulic, pneumatic and automation industries. The sharing of values, know-how and skills has enabled us to learn about new worlds, experiences and opportunities in countless sectors.




We owe our success to the passion of every collaborator. Curiosity, dedication and the desire to reach greater heights are the driving force behind our work.

Creativity means inventing, experimenting and growing. Ours is a creative mental approach striving towards the future with increasingly new projects, commitment and determination.

Our people are a key tool for the very existence of our company. Our objectives can only be achieved through teamwork, training and constantly keeping up with the times.

We are keen on finding solutions tailored to meet the needs of every customer, capable of offering a valid and true alternative to the current standard.

Precision, detail and attention are the key words to offer tailor-made products: special, customised and ready to solve various problems.

Expertise, ingenuity and innovation are key to achieving goals you set out to achieve. Our many years of experience enables us to identify your specific needs and foresee your future needs.


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