Uniseals has equipped itself with a machine with a blade cutting system that represents the most modern and innovative evolution of die-cutting machines.
A sturdy base structure and a modular head unit composed of two main tools allows to carve and work a wide variety of materials up to 50 mm thick in all shapes and colors.

The latest generation software, with special devices such as projectors to automatically acquire memorized cutting reference points for reuse, allow us to quickly customize and trace any product.

atom guarnizioni

The solid structure, the reliable movement of the head combined with the cutting speed and a powerful suction system, allow us a very high production quality.
Equipped with a work plan of 3 MT x 1.5 MT and innovative solutions, such as the "quick release" of the tool, allow us to move quickly from one job to another in a very short time.
The cut, thanks also to a second head with the possibility of mounting a cutter, becomes extremely versatile and suitable for any type of application.